NeG offers a platform for NGOs / CSOs of and from the North East Region (NER) to come together, connect, and coordinate with other NGOs, donors, CSRs and corporate bodies for development investment. We believe in working together, building partnerships, and networking to build a better world.

The NeG family offers you

Network to grow – You can collaborate, connect, and coordinate with other organizations – large and small – and work together. NeG is not merely a platform for funding, it is also a way of growing and networking.

Your Own Fundraising Page – You can tell your story in your own way to invite donors and CSR bodies to receive funding. We offer your donors more than 5 methods of funding (PayTM, Gpay, Credit, Debit, Internet Banking).

Training, Support, and Guidance – NeG in partnership with North East Development Foundation and Council for Social and Digital Development organize webinars, discussions, and expert sessions on numerous issues on North East. We are much more than just the finding, we also look at the various nuances of the region.

Credibility, Visibility, Trust, and Reliability – A large part of funders’ scepticism is a result of lack of faith on a given organization. This could often be because of non-availability of websites or enough information online. In the NER, most organizations are small and micro which may not have enough budget to invest on online visibility. Moreover, new organizations may not have that budget either. Our fundraising page, built especially for you, is mark of trust and credibility. We also provide visibility as well as verification of all the organizations through our own process.

Peer Learning and Support – Many organizations miss out on funding  because of a bad proposal or lack of guidance regarding it. You can learn and grow through the support of the NeG family and attract more funders!

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