Overall Objective

Strengthen, facilitate and engage meaningful and impact oriented relationships between sustainable and inclusive social and development sector investors with capable community development and building organisations in the North East Region.

Specific Objectives:

  • Support and facilitate social sector investors to meaningfully invest in priority issue areas, communities and districts in the region through real time evidence building, information, data and reports;
  • Strengthen, build capacities of Micro, Small and Medium NGOs/CSOs of the region to seek and receive sustainable resources / funds for community development needs in priority areas;
  • Support and facilitate in due-diligence, assessment, studies for relevant social sector investments;
  • Support and enable organisational assessments, evaluation, compliances of NGOs/CSOs to meet government and institutional mandated criteria to receive and utilised social sector funds.
  • Conduct, disseminate, advocate in relevant research, studies, on social / development sector in the region;
  • Organise training, capacity building programmes for social sector stakeholders;
  • Provision for ‘North East Giving’ (NeG) certification to assessed and compliant NGOs / CSOs to receive development resources;
  • Organise networking and collaborative events. Workshops, programmes on above.